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Big Sur Realtor Mike Gilson

Mike Gilson

My name is Mike Gilson and I am a licensed Realtor (BRE # 01749833)  living in Big Sur, California. My broker is Coldwell Banker Realty, and I also am the owner of Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant. For the last decade or so I have sat on the Board of Directors of The Community Association of Big Sur (formerly Coast Property Owner’s Association). My knowledge and passion for Big Sur, and participation in the community provide the insight for my real estate practice.

I am someone you can trust to be honest and transparent, and to best represent your interests, whether you are buying or selling in Big Sur. I have lived in Big Sur for almost a quarter century, and I exclusively represent clients in real estate transactions in Big Sur. I hope you will reach out to me to assist you in making your Big Sur dream become a reality starting today.

my BIG SUR Real Estate beginnings

Over the years, I continually have heard about the legendary Big Sur Realtor Hank Adams. Hank was much loved by the Big Sur community and known for not being afraid to tell it like it is during his 30 plus years of practicing real estate. I heard stories of him talking people out of buying properties because he knew they weren’t the right fit, which confirmed for me that he wasn’t only about ‘the sale’. Almost two decades ago, I approached Hank’s office partner Linda to see if I might be able to look around at some Big Sur properties for sale with Hank. Linda told me that Hank had recently retired and that they were referring all clients to their trustworthy broker and friend, Ben Heinrich. “He is the only person we can trust and recommend”, she told me.

I contacted Ben and he represented me in the purchase of my property in Big Sur. The experience felt so right that I asked Ben if I could work with him and his family. He accepted. What has resulted is a team approach which gives you, the client, the benefit of my services, but also the services and expertise of Ben, his wife Carole, and our team of experts in our Coldwell Banker Realty office. Rather than competing against each other we work closely together, and best of all, we have alot of fun doing it.

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Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Big Sur, you can trust us to be honest and transparent and to best represent your interests. Realtor Mike Gilson is a resident of Big Sur, California who exclusively represents clients in real estate transactions in Big Sur, and can assist you in making your Big Sur dream become a reality starting today.